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Love their services. Very fast and reliable.
posted on 2017-04-21

by Nana Kofi from Ghana

I love your services, it is absolute the best exchanger I have ever worked with. zenithincome is going places if it continue like this
posted on 2017-04-07

by Christian Onyewu from Abia, Nigeria

Quick Response, That I like about their service.
posted on 2017-03-11

by Emeka Okwusi from Ghana

Am just happy to have find zenithincome, I have been looking for a reliable exchanger in Africa to sell my bitcoin but could not trust any until I decided to try zenithincome and it has been trustworthy all these while
posted on 2017-03-09

by Ben Otuto from Benin

This Company is the best i have ever dealt business with. They are so trustworthy and dont waste your time when it comes to payments to. I recommend them to everyone. Please deal with them and you wont be disappointed
posted on 2017-03-07

by Jonathan Aweh from Ghana

Wow. Amazing service. I was just giving it a try. but it went through in less that 20mins.
posted on 2017-02-28

by Ernest from Ghana

Excellent service. Keep it..!!
posted on 2017-02-22

by Ben Toddler from Ghana

Zenith income is truly the best, timely processing of orders is their hallmark, ride on Zenith income you are truly the best.
posted on 2017-02-07

by Olakunle Phillips from Nigeria

Well I bought btc last week Friday and I got my phone lost buh when I got a new phone and I told the agent about what happens he was able to get me my btc back...they are real do guy job with them and dey will never let u down ok.....thanks
posted on 2017-02-07

by Richmond Oppong from Ghana

posted on 2017-01-27


all i can say is just have a try with this guy. their service is marvelous.
posted on 2017-01-23

by abdul from ghana

I bought some amount of bitcoin and in less than 30 minutes I was served.. Moreover their exchange rates are superb and customer interaction is Also at it's peak.... I love zenithincome
posted on 2017-01-15

by Negzy from Ghana

Best exchange service I have seen so far. Utilized their service for the first time. Fast, reliable, and hassle-free. Thank you Zenith Income
posted on 2017-01-13

by TH from Nigeria

Good work keep it up. Within 15 minutes I got serve
posted on 2017-01-11

by Isaac Buckman from Ghana

Great service. I got served in less than 30 minutes selling to them, that was awesome.
posted on 2017-01-04

by AZ from Ghana

I thank God for people like you who are faithful in business. You are true indeed. Thanks
posted on 2017-01-03

by Nweke Johnson Dede from Nigeria

Was skeptical at first because this was my first transaction but they cleared my doubt in less than 30 minutes. A big thumbs up
posted on 2017-01-02

by Anthony Emecheta from Nigeria

You guys are the best. Even on holidays I was still served and promptly. Keep it up.
posted on 2017-01-02

by Jose Adames from Ghana

Just completed my first transaction with Zenithincome and it was awesome. Nice job. Keep it up
posted on 2016-12-30

by Ibrahim Mu-az from Ghana

You are doing a great job. Serving Ghana and beyond. In fact you are the best and the most reliable e-ccurency service provider in Ghana.Bless you!
posted on 2016-12-30

by Stanley Osei-Akoto from Ghana, Kumasi

Great job!! This is my first transaction with Zenith and the service was just as promised.
posted on 2016-12-28

by Eric Asare Asinor from Ghana

After placing order, I was reading the confirmation email and to my surprise another email just pop in and a text alert, my money is in my wallet. Excellent services
posted on 2016-12-28

by Nicholas Badmus from Ghana

I love doing transactions with zenith income. They are trustworthy. Their services are the best
posted on 2016-12-24

by Benjamin Adu Boahen from Ghana

posted on 2016-12-22


i sent money to my friend in Ghana and i used Zenithincome through my bitcoin sales and money was sent fast thanks for the wonderful platform keep it uo
posted on 2016-12-21

by Kingsley from Nigeria

in fact they are the best among all,their trustee is well equip,zenith income all the way.COUNT ON THEM
posted on 2016-12-20

by kwame nkrumah from ghana

Honestly I was surprised at the kind of service I was given . I made a transaction outside their business hours and still I got my money within a short period. I'm amazed . Zenith Income continue the good work 👌🏾
posted on 2016-12-18

by Gabriel Shelvy Ashiagbor from Ghana , Accra

I sold my perfectmoney to zenithincome and in less than 3 hours i received my payment in my mtn mobile money wallet.
posted on 2016-12-16

by Samuel from Ghana

What another service provider took days to complete, zenith income did in less than an hour. I was about to call zenith income to find out the speed of their transaction, I got a credit alert just as soon as I notified them. Too fast! Even at night you can count on zenith income.
posted on 2016-12-14

by Adesola Adelakun from Nigeria

I have had a year experience with Zenithincome, this is what I have to say that you guys are doing a great job. Your services had been timely and prompt, Zenithincome is flexible and I also agree that you guys know your customers well and have tactfully transacted your business - even atimes when mistakes were done whilst making orders, you have been able to very well place the orders with respective clients. You are well appreciated. Thank you and keep the good job high.
posted on 2016-12-13

by Ilutanmi olumuyiwa from Nigeria

Nice doing business with you guys
posted on 2016-12-10

by Aubrey Adu from Ghana

Swift in delivery and Honest.. Thanks Man.. Keep it up
posted on 2016-12-02

by Charles from Ghana

posted on 2016-11-27


Zenith income truly the best...order always processed swiftly.. carry go, you no get rival
posted on 2016-11-23

by Olakunle Phillips from Ghana

Whenever i think reliability, i first think of zenithincome...
posted on 2016-11-22

by valentine chinedu from nigeria

You are just wonderful for this transaction.
posted on 2016-11-21

by Nana Kwasi Asante from Ghana is by far the best by any standard of measure.
posted on 2016-11-21

by Jude Onuoha from Nigeria

Still the best, prompt execution of order, keep it up!
posted on 2016-11-18

by Olakunle Phillips from Ghana

There is no controversy. Zenithincome is way ahead of any rival if any ever exists. Swift, dependable and trustworthy those are the hallmarks of and that is what a reputable online outfit Must strive to attain. Keep the flag flying high.
posted on 2016-11-11

by Jude Onuoha from Nigeria

ZenithIncome! You are the Top. I got paid in My MTN mobile money in just 1 min after processing my order. Most recommended. Keep it up!
posted on 2016-11-10

by Paul Ngonian from Ghana

Zennith income still remain the best..
posted on 2016-11-07

by Olakunle Phillips from Ghana

this is so cool... money in the bank in 4minutes.. thumbsup
posted on 2016-11-02

by Tobi from Naija

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posted on 2016-11-01

by George Asante from Ghana

I love this company zenithincome. fast response good customer relation. God bless you. Please keep it up. consistency always prove you right
posted on 2016-10-31

by ikotun oluwasegun from Nigeria

Order processed after quite a while. But it was my fault- should have contacted support earlier. Thanks for your friendly response. Hope it stays forever!
posted on 2016-10-31

by Irene Amoako from Ghana

posted on 2016-10-27

by AHMAD RABAH abdullah from Nigeria

This is the best exchanger in town, I implore everyone to come to Zennith income where your order is being process with speed of a lightening
posted on 2016-10-25

by Olakunle Phillips from Ghana

Another impressive transaction, it took less than two minutes to complete my order. The best exchanger in town keep up the good work. 7 stars to you.
posted on 2016-10-25

by Olakunle Phillips from Ghana

My order processed within few minutes. Speed is an attitude. Thanks a lot.
posted on 2016-10-20


Zenith income you are really the best. Within two minutes of making payment for my order, my account was credited. Thank you
posted on 2016-10-19

by Titus Aduku from Ghana

You guys are just too much, so impressive and quite reliable, another order neatly and quickly processed. Thanks keep up the good work.
posted on 2016-10-19

by Olakunle Phillips from Ghana

Best service that any Exchange company can ever offer, A++++++++++, their response is very fast and the security measure is superb. Thanks and keep the good work.
posted on 2016-10-12

by Eric Ebhodaghe from Germany

I am very grateful Zenith, after going through 100s of ex-changers, finally found one i can relate to as a true friend and family. so grateful for instantaneous service.
posted on 2016-10-11

by Cyril Kombir from Ghana

One thing I can say about Zennith is wow....they are absolutely fantastic, I got my account funded within 5 minutes of confirming my payment, please keep on with the good work, may God richly bless you are just too much.
posted on 2016-10-11

by Olakunle Phillips from Ghana

Use this platform it is fast and secure.
posted on 2016-10-11

by Charles Yeboah from Ghana

Really reliable keeps it up
posted on 2016-10-10

by Joshua Anyekase from Ghana

Wow that is very fast, and secure i love it....
posted on 2016-10-07

by nii from Ghana

You are the in town so fast reliable, to me you gays are doing a great work.keep up.
posted on 2016-10-06

by Gabriel onyeze from Nigeria

Z.I is the best! Since 2014, I'm dealing with them. Buying and selling of E/crypto currency is simple as ABC with ZenithIncome. Keep it up!
posted on 2016-09-30

by Paul Ngonian from Ghana

Today marked my six(6) order processed within a min. I thank You for your trust and you are the BEST PERFECT EXCHANGER to transact business with. I LOVE ZENITH.
posted on 2016-09-24

by Patrick Dziwornu from Ghana - Awutu Bawjiase

Just placed my second order like 2 minutes ago and kpa just like that it has gone through. More orders to be placed soon. I enjoy working with you guys
posted on 2016-09-23

by willspanner from Ghana

the moment I send the money I thought it was a scam not knowing it going to be awesome...kudos zenithincome. .. GIDEON from kumasi - Ghana
posted on 2016-09-22

by AtaKora Amaniampong Gideon from Ghana

Zenithincome! Another job well done. Got my 40 PayPal neat and square! Thanks.
posted on 2016-09-22

by Johnson Ugo Daniel from Ghana

Another successful order processed @ Zenith Income. Thanks
posted on 2016-09-21


Just had my first deal with zenithincome and it has gone through smoothly as the word smooth. I really dig you guys. You are so cooooolllll
posted on 2016-09-20

by willspanner from Ghana

Awesome,got paid without even realising it because I was waiting for few hours.I will definitely coming back
posted on 2016-09-19

by Hameed Mohammed from Ghana

$210 PM processed within 15seconds - how surprising! Good customer care. Thanks
posted on 2016-09-19


This is awesome, wonderful and close to perfection service from the only exchanger I have to know in Africa that does better, ZenithIncome Exchanger. Not just processing orders on time but also been the most honest exchanger I have ever deal with.
posted on 2016-09-19

by Francis Atabo from Benin

Zenith Income has just processed my order and I have received my money. Thanks.
posted on 2016-09-17


posted on 2016-09-13


Your Services are Reliable and Real.
posted on 2016-09-13


Zenithincome exchanger is the best in Nigeria and the best in Africa. Your services is so wonderful and your customer care is fantastic. keep it up zenithincome
posted on 2016-09-09

by Nmadu Kelechi from Imo, Nigeria

Greater dealer, love your fast approach in dealing with your customer, which you come over Kenya.
posted on 2016-09-09

by Faith Alison from Mombasa, Kenya

posted on 2016-09-07


Your trustworthiness is something else.I did a transaction of $150 pm and less than 10 mins bam! my money just hit my mobile wallet. keep up the good works guys.
posted on 2016-08-30

by Kobby from Ghana

Great deal, nice one, keep it up man, you and your staffs are doing great with your kind of services. Can't believe we have international exchanger here in Ghana like ZENITHINCOME.COM
posted on 2016-08-30

by Big Ben from Accra

I just can't believe how honest this guyz are, I mistakenly transferred 250k twice to zenithincome account and believe me thinking that the money is gone but, bamm, I was refunded with 250k back and got my account credited within 20 mins of the transaction without even noticing what went wrong until I checked my bank account. Can't believe it, just pure magic. just keep loving
posted on 2016-08-30

by AMULOGO YUSUF from Ibadan, Nigeria

Once again 107 USD processed within 5 minutes. Thank you zenithincome.
posted on 2016-08-30

by florence boatemaa from ghana

posted on 2016-08-28


It's really fast.
posted on 2016-08-25

by Derrick from Ghana

fast safe and secured no tricks they reall mean business thanks alot i love your service
posted on 2016-08-25

by rawlings sowah from ghana

I salute your fast and consistent services and I wish your company start selling neteller soon, please think about this.
posted on 2016-08-24

by Princess Mathew from Latibi, Ghana

Just to say a big THANK YOU zenithincome, I have been robbed off time and money in the past with other criminal exchangers and in my quest to get the best I stumbled my way to this great company and since then this is my third transaction without any story. You guys are the best in Nigeria.
posted on 2016-08-24

by Philip Olawole from Adeola Odeku, VI

Hi, Zenithincome is the best exchganger I have ever done business with.I have visited their office in Ghana and reception was excellent.I have no doubt to recommend to all!
posted on 2016-08-20

by Nana Kwasi Asante from Ghana

U guys are great.Did a deposit and less than an hour I was credited to my PM account. U guys are fast,secure and reliable.
posted on 2016-08-19

by Eric Frimpong(Richmind) from Ghana

Great job, Zenithincome! Order was delivered sharp and sweet. Thanks.
posted on 2016-08-18

by Johnson Ugo Daniel from Ghana

Just happy with what zenithincome is doing. They are the most trusted exchanger in Africa. love their services.
posted on 2016-08-12

by Martha Okoro from Kano

In fact your system is's instant and secure.thanks for your service to us especially in Ghana
posted on 2016-08-11

by Francis Adu-Nkrumah from Ghana

Zenithincome is one of the best exchanger I have been opportune to work with them. Their services are absolutely wonderful and faster than the ones I have use in the past. They are really unique.
posted on 2016-08-09

by Pastor Temple from Mamprobi, Accra, Ghana

Am short of words to describe how I feel about zenithincome services. They are the number one exchangers in Africa after Enaira is gone.
posted on 2016-08-03

by Ola Mathew from Abia, Nigeria

This guys are awesome, very reliable and good customer friendly administrators. Am proud of zenithincome as part of our own in Ghana. Keep it up guyz
posted on 2016-08-03

by Stanley Tetteh from Latibi, Ghana

Am proud of these guys and their method of business unlike other service when they don't have order you don't get to place order but when they have order their system really awesome and express also they don't provide services to only Ghanaian but to other countries as well, zenithincome I love your service
posted on 2016-07-28

by Philip Agogo from Tudu, Accra

Zenithincome have proved to be the best exchanger in Africa even when i was in Nigeria orders where been credited as fast as anything, there customers services is absolutely the best. Love this service so much, zenithincome
posted on 2016-07-27

by Daniel Ayeko from Temale

Zeneth Income Exchanger is a very fast and reliable means of converting the Naira, or other local currencies, into perfect money, bitcoin, etc. They are very trust worthy, too. I am saying this, boldly & confidently, because this is my second time of using them, now ...their service is quite impressive. Cheers,!
posted on 2016-07-14

by Frank o from Nigeria

until I stop buying/selling dollars (PM USD), continues to be my number choice and no other. Have just received another sharp processing of dollars sold within six minutes. I got smiles on my face. Thank you once again for your neat work!
posted on 2016-07-04

by martin owusu from ghana

I transferred 212 BTC and got my money in the bank without and relayable. As for me zenithincome is the best place to buy and sell all your stuff.Am on my second order now for 50 BTC
posted on 2016-07-03

by SHAIBU YUSUF from Nigeria

thank you very much i just paid in some 30usd and it took less than five minutes to process it...thank you very much once again...
posted on 2016-06-28

by Mary Prah from accra

Order No.C37761 Has been fulfilled. Great service good people, wonderful company. Thanks
posted on 2016-06-28

by Maxwell Katahena from Ghana

Very fast and reliable always. .
posted on 2016-06-24

by Samuel from Ghana

This is the best exchanger I have ever done business with. The management of ZenithIncome is such that they can give you advice on how to protect your account to the extend that you wonder what is their gain. So patient and ready to assit at all time. I will surely be doing business with you guys over and over.
posted on 2016-06-21

by Stella Madu from Abuja

hi guys just got my transfer for perfect money.good work fast delivery keep it up
posted on 2016-06-21

by Dimmua Farouk from South Africa

I sent the money and the bitcoin was sent into my account .....Thanks very much
posted on 2016-06-20

by Samuel from Ghana

It really real and i really trust this service waaah
posted on 2016-06-20

by Samuel from Ghana

Thanks to Zenithincome my pm accounts credited within 20 minites
posted on 2016-06-18

by Mohammed Bawa from Ghana

Bought pm from Zenithincome after paying for it through monile money. I got it processed n less than 8 minutes...that's great!!!
posted on 2016-06-15

by Dave Dadzie Tandoh from Ghana

Ever since I joined Zenithincome they deliver what they promise and deliver on time. I hope it stays around for a long time.
posted on 2016-06-13

by CHARLES YEBOAH from Ghana

My order was fulfilled as promised within a period of (8) eight hours although I made the order @ 8 pm in the evening. Thanks a lot for the good work you guys are doing to humanity.
posted on 2016-06-08

by Maxwell Katahena from Ghana

I was introduced to Zenith by my husband. Inspite of the challenge, you kept your promise by crediting my account this afternoon. Wish you all the best.
posted on 2016-05-31

by Esther from Ghana

I have bought and sold several dollars (small & huge amounts) into and from my pm usd e-wallet and none has failed, all because of the diligent tireless work zenithincome. I just received payment from the dollars I sold in a couple of hours ago as fast as usual. I have fully trusted your loyalty and therefore recommend you for anyone who wants to buy/sell from their e-wallets. ONCE AGAIN THANKS A LOT ZENITHINCOME!
posted on 2016-05-27

by martin owusu from ghana

Zenith income is the best I have seen. no challenger!!!!
posted on 2016-05-26

by Moulton kennedy from Ghana

posted on 2016-05-21


posted on 2016-05-20


truely the best, with best customer service
posted on 2016-05-20


It's been great doing business with you, you guys are swift.
posted on 2016-05-18

by Emmanuel Osabutey (Eli) from Ghana

i'm very impressed with your and reliable even on a sunday!.. keep up the good work!
posted on 2016-05-15

by Selorm from Ghana

When I first saw the testimonies on Zenith website, I thought they were fake. Here I am writing mine. I am glad you kept your promise. Keep it. My account has been successfully credited,
posted on 2016-05-14

by Vincent from Ghana

More grease to your elbow.... keep it up
posted on 2016-05-13


Zenithincome is the best i av seen so far i give them 100% ....... But today order i placed its unlike d zenith income i know cus my order was not process even tho i called i guess its 2moro morning before i can get it
posted on 2016-05-12

by Josh from Ghana

very reliable services
posted on 2016-05-11

by fening eric from ghana

That was very fast and very convenient, just minutes after payment my account was credited. Thanks guys , you are really a trusted brand.
posted on 2016-05-10

by Barnabas from Ghana

Thanks for fulfilling your promise. But make the reporting after payment more user friendly. Thanks.
posted on 2016-05-09

by Johnson Ugo Daniel from Ghana

Wow zenith income is the best i wish all ghanaian will use it.LOVE YOU
posted on 2016-05-06

by Alex Boakye from Ghana

really satisfied with your service, kudos
posted on 2016-05-06

by lordkawa from Ghaha

I Love Zenithincome. They are fast , efficient and great customer service.Will be doing more business with them.
posted on 2016-05-05

by Balchisu K Yussif from Ghana

This company is Fantastic..!! I have been their customer since 2014 and they are always great, reliable and trustworthy..Keep using them...
posted on 2016-05-02

by Ben Toddler from Ghana

This company is Fantastic..!! I have been their customer since 2014 and they are always great, reliable and trustworthy..Keep using them...
posted on 2016-05-02

by Ben Toddler from Ghana

The time for crediting my account is very fast and simple. Thanks.
posted on 2016-04-27


posted on 2016-04-27


My Account has just been credited. Thanks.
posted on 2016-04-15


very fast, efficient and convenient way of exchanging E-currency. thank you for your responsive service.
posted on 2016-04-13

by Prince Aidoo from Ghana

i made and order and it did not take up to 5 minutes and my account was credited i will make sure i tell people about you good works please keep it up.
posted on 2016-04-12

by CLEMENT DENNIS from Ghana

Their price are always the best and your account is fund within the shortest possible time.this guys are doing good work
posted on 2016-04-11

by Bra Kofi Mawunya from Ghana

they have done it again, you always trusted
posted on 2016-04-07

by Michael Manu from Ghana

A good working system. I got my Bank Account credited within a short time. Thanks to Zenith Income.
posted on 2016-04-07


I have traded with zenithincome a few times now and they always deliver. Thanks for serving us.
posted on 2016-04-07

by Felix Asante from Ghana

I was a bit scared when i saw posts about people been scammed and all that but i received my bitcoins in one piece and guess what their rates are way better .
posted on 2016-04-06

by Mr Nortey from Ghana

posted on 2016-04-04

by Solomon Owusu from Ghana

my brother bought perfectmoney for me in ghana and it was so fast..i recommend your service to everyone..good job.thanks very much..
posted on 2016-04-04

by johannes badwe from China

Swift respond... Very Professional
posted on 2016-04-04

by Marcus Larbie from Ghana

i bought some USD into my perfect money accuont it was very easy and convienent
posted on 2016-04-02

by Obeng Asare Shadrack from Ghana

Of cause in the 21st century, there is no monopoly antwher, therefore is there abundant competition. In the competition comes which is which and who is who. Zenithincome has played the major role as the premier ecurrency provider for more than 10 years in Ghana. I placed my order 10 minutes ago, within 10 minutes my payza dollars were in my ewallat. I am grateful.
posted on 2016-03-28

by John Amoako Atta from Accra

I have being doing business with Zenithincome way back 5 years ago and their consistency is highly appreciable and excellent. I called the CEO at 7pm, placed my order at 7;45 within 30 minutes, I received mu transfer, thanks.
posted on 2016-03-14

by John Amoako Atta from Accra

Zenithincome promised to provide excellent trusted service in less than an hour and surprised me with a less than 5 minutes quality service. Big ups guys
posted on 2016-03-14

by Wisdom Hammond from Ghana

Good service keep it up
posted on 2016-03-09

by dave from ghana

i recommend zenithincome for everyone who intends buying or selling e-currency it safe
posted on 2016-03-09

by NII AFFO ANKRAH from Ghana

hi guys!i highly recommend Zenith Income for everyone.Excellent and fast service.thanks guys keep the good work
posted on 2016-03-08

by Farouk from South Africa

The service here is amazing and reliable. The transaction was fast and easy. Its Awesome!!!
posted on 2016-03-07

by Joseph King from Ghana

Wow! What a fast and convenient means of doing business. Kudos to ur group
posted on 2016-03-05

by Margaret s from Ghana

The service is very reliable. I read a few testimonials before registering. My only problem is the processing time. It took approximately 1hr 40 mins before I saw the funds in my perfect money amount; while the earlier testimonials talked about under 15 mins processing time. I think Zenith Income should work on speeding up their processing time. About their rates,Thumbs up! 👍
posted on 2016-03-05

by David Agyeman from Ghana

Wow! thats all I can say to the quality of service you render..First of its kind in this part of the world.
posted on 2016-02-29

by Jim Sam from Ghana

Zenith Income is simply the best.
posted on 2016-02-27

by Samuel Owusu-Ansah from Ghana

Best service i have seen so far.thank you
posted on 2016-02-24

by Ansah Derrick from Ghana

Ordered for Webmoney and under 1 hour it was delivered. Great service
posted on 2016-02-22

by Richie Boat from Ghana

Wow this service is very much trusted.You can rely on them.I just received my BitCoin.Thanks
posted on 2016-02-20

by Marley Stunner from Ghana

I just received my PM. The transaction was fast, easy and simple. I highly recommend to every online marketer.
posted on 2016-02-17


Wonderful, what a great service zenithincome is so reliable. I love it!!!
posted on 2016-02-16

by Frimpong Benjamin from Ghana

Great service, great experience, this is my first take in exchanging website. Love your guys service. Zenithincome all the way.
posted on 2016-02-16

by Stanley Mmadu from Abia State

This process is real and reliable. i just got it with the twinkle of an eye. Thank you so much !!
posted on 2016-02-12

by Dartey Richard from Ghana

The transfer was as fast as the speed of light. Yes, In terms of money and human nature; things always get delayed, but ZENITHINCOME is really doing a great job. KEEP IT UP.
posted on 2016-02-10

by George Asante from Ghana, Accra

They too much I did a mistake but they help me solve it.They are the best and their service is very reliable. Am so grateful thank you soo much
posted on 2016-02-09


posted on 2016-02-05

by Solomon Owusu from Ghana

Zenith Income is VERY VERY reliable, very good and understandable personal relation.. This is my 4th transaction with them and they've never failed me yet.. Keep up the good work guys.. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
posted on 2016-02-03

by David Riis Wilson from Ghana

posted on 2016-02-02

by Solomon Owusu from Ghana

Made a payment without order number and called to verify my payment with the transaction ID and I got my bitcoin. Thank you Zenith!!!
posted on 2016-01-26

by Asvp from Ghana

I am so impress by the site and their performance is the best exchanger I have ever see. they are very Good, reliable and trustworthy and brilliant in their dealings. You are the best.
posted on 2016-01-26

by Oreva adaghara from Nigeria

This site is great in their service. Their funding is very fast and this is what we need. Am bringing my friends here. Thank you for your good job.
posted on 2016-01-23

by Joseph Derascot Okyere from Ghana

I love your service. Trustworthy and quick.
posted on 2016-01-21

by Joseph Nartey from Ghana

This is the best exchanger I have ever worked with, they are very trustworthy and brilliant in their dealings. All my orders have been fund without delay.
posted on 2016-01-14

by James Henry from Lome Togo

Just wants to say; You guyz are genius. Second to known and and the best in whole of Africa. Reign up
posted on 2016-01-14

by Kingsley Omoremi from Ogun State

Am very happy to have seen a company with this type of reputation in Africa, I have been dealing with other exchangers in Europe and I think zenithincome is almost with the same services. Keep it up guys
posted on 2016-01-12

by Kelechi Ihemeuwa from Ojota, Lagos

This is my first time using Zenith to buy bitcoins. Thank you for making my experience- AWESOME and Sweet. From start to finish it took only 4 minutes(i checked). The only issue i had was after entering the amount i wanted, i was looking for a button that said "Pay Now", "Checkout" etc. I then realized i had to click "Ghana Cedis". So that was the only delay. So in reality it was more like 3 minutes.
posted on 2016-01-11

by Anthony Essel from Ghana

My first experience is beyond comprehension. Fast, efficient, safe, stress free and above all cheaper. BISHOP1985 FROM TAKORADI, GHANA
posted on 2016-01-11


I have been with PM for years. I saw the advert on PM platform. I was impressed because for PM to recommend you as an accredited partner means genuine, authentic, and fast dealings. I'd wanted to be more curious about it. I bought PM and the amount was credited instantly. I recommend it to all online business folk. For me as a fresher , it's safe, fast and hossel free agent.
posted on 2016-01-11


Thanks so much to Zenith Income Staff for honoring my request. Your service is really exceptional and very fast.I will continue to do business with you.Keep up the good work.You are great! I will surely recommend you to my friends. Happy New Year.
posted on 2016-01-09

by Sam Cashman from Ghana

Awesome... trusted. Got my transaction done. Thanks soo much
posted on 2016-01-06

by Emmanuel Love Stephens from Ghana

So far i can recommend Zenithincome to all my friends as the best E currency dealer.
posted on 2016-01-05

by Johnny Adams from Ghana

Awesome my money got into my perfectmoney account in less 15 minutes.Keep it up.
posted on 2016-01-05

by Douglas Michael Odame from Ghana

Thank you for the delivery as promised.
posted on 2016-01-05

by Appiagyei Emmanuel from Ghana

Happy New Year zenithincome! Thank you for completed order! All the best you guys!
posted on 2016-01-01

by Facirl Njoku from Ebute-Metta, Lagos

Thanks Zenithincome, you have prove to be the best exchanger in Africa, transacting from Ghana, to Togo and Nigeria and the rest of Africa. Your services is not only fast and reliable but with details. Thanks.
posted on 2015-12-29

by Festus Wale from Lagos, Nigeria

You guys are just awesome!! You even processed my request on a Sunday. This shows that you place value on money and you really know what you are about and doing. Consider me a regular customer henceforth
posted on 2015-12-27

by Bismark Yankson from Ghana

You guys are just awesome!!! Even on a Sunday you still processed my purchase. You really know what you are about and doing and I can see you place value on money. Keep up the good work. Consider a number one customer henceforth.
posted on 2015-12-27

by Bismark Yankson from Ghana

posted on 2015-12-23

by Solomon Owusu from Ghana

What a fast way of exchanging currency. I ordered for Bitcoin and followed up with a transfer of mobile money using my order code. In less than 3minutes from the time I transferred the mobile money to Zenith Income Exchange, I received an email from Coinbase confirming the receipt of Bitcoin in my wallet. I have never seen such a fast transuction before from a company. Zenith Income Exchange! You are the best! You are a benchmark of honor and a bedrock of positive change. Stay blessed
posted on 2015-12-17

by Abdul Aziz from Ghana

Zenith income in superb in their service. the purchase and sales system is fast and reliable. they have created and built for them selves a goodwill of reliability and trust. Keep up the good work, will continue to work with u and gladly recommend you to people.
posted on 2015-12-11

by Eric Selasi from Ghana

Zenith proves to be on top of business. Their delivery system and customer service and reliability is very good. They are trustworthy and they are reliable.
posted on 2015-12-11

by Eric from Ghana

I am happy with Zenithincme for the quick respond and the good customer service given to me when i ordered Payza from their outfit. I say Kudo to the sales department and the entire administration.
posted on 2015-12-09

by Johnny Adams from Ghana

love your service..just on time
posted on 2015-12-07

by phosta from ghana

You guyz are brilliants with your service. Can't believe I can actually get perfectmoney outside Uganda without been rip off. I will keep using your service
posted on 2015-12-03

by Philip Okamilele from Uganda

its the best so far. payment very quick and safe.
posted on 2015-12-03

by kelvin Aryee from Ghana

posted on 2015-11-29


posted on 2015-11-28

by Solomon Owusu from Ghana

I have really enjoyed doing business with zenith income. They are truly loyal and their customer treat is really the best.
posted on 2015-11-26

by Gloria Mensah from Ghana

Seeing this platform online the first time, i decided to give it a try by buying some few dollars into my Perfect Money account because I was skeptical about the credibility of the platform and to my surprise, the money was credited instantly into my account right after payment even though it was even night at about 10:46pm on 25th November, 2015.I wish to therefore, express my heartfelt gratitude to Zenithincome staff for this incredible platform created for express e-currency transactions and equally recommend it to anyone who wants some e-currency or has some e-currency and wants to sell it for cash to make good use of Kudos to Zenith Income team and keep up the good work.
posted on 2015-11-26

by Regobert Maabesog from Ghana

Valued Administrator: Although it is my 1st time that I have used your service which really appeared unprecedented, unique. Just take me as your regular client today onwards
posted on 2015-11-25

by Stephen Mposah from South Africa

Just so quick and efficient over here. Hardly do I comment but I have to. Keep it up Zenithincome. Great services provided.
posted on 2015-11-24

by Justice DAM from Ghana

Zenithincome is the best exchanger I have ever deal with in Nigeria. They are prompt with good rate, wonderful customer attendance to correct issues. Can't just wait to tell my friends about them
posted on 2015-11-24

by Danjuma Olarewaju from Ogun, Nigeria

posted on 2015-11-21

by Owusu Solomon from Ghana

i cant beleive i just transact my money with just a click of a mouse with zenithicome is indeed the best currency trader.i like it.
posted on 2015-11-19

by sylvester ayeboafo owusu from Ghana

wow is faster as air.God work done
posted on 2015-11-13

by boateng charles from kumasi, Ghana

The service was great. Received my transfer on time. Zenithincome can be trusted. I recommend them for your e-currency exchanges and purchases.
posted on 2015-11-08

by Isaac Adeku from Ghana

l this site and try just one and is really good and reliable.
posted on 2015-11-07

by Solomon Owusu from Ghana

I saw the site online i decided to try it. The customer care is good and the money too is fast and reliable. Thumbs up kings
posted on 2015-11-04

by Maxwell Delali Agbanyo from Ghana

Well done Zenithincome. You delivered on time. Thank you.
posted on 2015-11-02

by James Appiah from Ghana

Good work done.thank u very much,keep it up
posted on 2015-10-30

by boateng charles from kumasi, Ghana

Honestly doing business with an entity you don't know but just found on google feels very risky .. But today I can vouch That Zenith Income Exchanger is reliable. They deliver as Promised. I am a Happy Customer and I am glad to be a part of the winning team ... Big Ups more grease to your elbow...
posted on 2015-10-28

by Gabriel Brown from Ghana

IN deed zenith income is the best exchanger in Africa. they are reliable as your local bank. this is my 8th successful deal with hem keep it up.
posted on 2015-10-26


PerfectMoney Account was credited.
posted on 2015-10-26


A very e-money company that works well. My account was credited within few minutes.
posted on 2015-10-26


Great job done, I just send Tigo-Cash to zenithincome,within five minutes my bitcoins accounts fund updated
posted on 2015-10-23

by Solomon Amankwaa from Kumasi, Ghana

This site is great in their service. Their funding is very fast and this is what we need. Am bringing my friends here. Thank you for your good job.
posted on 2015-10-22

by Ifeoma Lynda Opia from Nigeria

I was so impressed the fast manner in which my sell order was paid into my friend's Ecobank account in Nigeria. Zenith Income you have shown us that you are the best in service delivery. Keep it up.
posted on 2015-10-20

by Eugene Ghorman from Ghana

transactions are fast,secured, and what i like most is that their customer service is really on point
posted on 2015-10-19

by teddy parker from ghana

thank you very much i appreciate
posted on 2015-10-17

by Ekoate Nwaforlor from Ghana

I am amazed at how fast my account got funded. Zenithincome has actually saved me time and money. Thank u Zenithincome.
posted on 2015-10-17

by Patrick Ofori Nakotey from Ghana

Wonderful and fast transaction. You are doing great job, keep it up
posted on 2015-10-17

by John Hayford from Ghana

Thanks Zenith Income Staff for honouring my request.... Your service is really exceptional and very fast...I will continue to do business with you...Keep up the good work...You guys are great!:-) I will surely recommend you to my friends...
posted on 2015-10-12

by Alexandra Ahene from Ghana

Great service. It took just a few minutes after my order and it was processed. Definitely gonna deal with them for a very long time time.
posted on 2015-09-30

by Zakiyu from Ghana

It's so incredibly fast, very reliable and efficient. I recommend this program to anyone who wishes to use e-money systems.
posted on 2015-09-26

by Enoch Tetteh from Accra-Ghana

fast transaction, got it within minutes. big ups guys. was cheaper than where i use to get it too.
posted on 2015-09-24

by samuel sarpong from Ghana

best sellers of ecurrency..Just placed an other and have received it before the given time. Thanks Zenithincome
posted on 2015-09-24

by Quaye Dennis from Ghana

Thanks for receiving my bitcoin, my first time buying bitcoin and never know it takes small amount of time for the transaction to take place, but i have receive it successfully. I vouch for zenith income
posted on 2015-09-22

by Philip Otoo from Ghana

i must admit i was really impressed with the way the customer care personnel handled my order...I received my money in less than the estimated one hour...really impressed with the service..DEFINITELY BUYING FROM THEM AGAIN
posted on 2015-09-16

by sherifa from GHANA

TRULY, these people are reliable. this is my third succesful transaction with them. KEEP IT UP.
posted on 2015-09-08


zenith, you guys has proven to me that Africans can still compete online. With your honesty, almost instant funding, on time payment of ewallets sold to your outfits, your guyz has proven to be one if not the best exchanger in Africa. May this last forever!
posted on 2015-09-08

by Mensah Agyma from Accra, Ghana

Great service and excellent team.
posted on 2015-09-07

by Opoku Rodney from Ghana

posted on 2015-09-05


This is my first experience with zenithincome and I had love to say, I did appreciate their swiftness and the way their customer care personnel treated my order, even when I did some mistakes. Such a great experience. Keep it up guyz
posted on 2015-09-05

by Daniel Oyekachi from Aba, Abia State

Greater exchanger with wonderful and instant funding service. Just as perfect as I had wanted. Thanks ZenithIncome
posted on 2015-09-05

by Kenneth Lothor from Kumasi

Today, i thought i lost my money when i deposit trough MTN Mobile money and i forget to type my order number as my reference number but with the help of the support team via whatsapp number +233246373736 my transaction is through. God Bless you very much. in fact you are doing wonderful service. long live Zenith Income.
posted on 2015-09-02

by Ankamah Thomas from Ghana

Great service. Thanks to the management team. Keep it up
posted on 2015-08-29

by Michael Arhin from Ghana

Woow! it is really amazing how your service works. I just funded my Perfectmoney and i paid with Mobile Money transfer Great service. Thanks Zenithincome
posted on 2015-08-20

by Pattman from Kumasi, Ghana

Zenithincome is the best exchanger in Africa! great service, instant, affordable fees, excellent communication & reliable. I sold pm and got my money within few minutes. I LOVE you guyz.
posted on 2015-08-18

by Osei Drake from Adum, Kumasi, Ghana is surely the best, my first transaction was a huge success. I even got an SMS from them upon the successful completion. Kudos Guyz and do keep it up.
posted on 2015-08-18

by Henry Kushly from Nelspruit, South Africa

I received a clean and fast transaction of my cedi notes into my pm account through mtn mobile money. zenith income exchanger is genuine. Thumps up!
posted on 2015-08-16

by owusu martin from ghana

You are really doing good service keep it up
posted on 2015-08-15

by Yakubu Taufik from Ghana

i can't believe it...its very true and fast tooo
posted on 2015-08-15

by Seth from Ghana

hello guys thanks a lot , but your chart room you have to do some somthing about it , because you don't respond there
posted on 2015-08-14

by handy d from ghana

Hi guys, great work. keep it up. But i suggest u enable the 'sell' option for easy access.
posted on 2015-08-05

by Amegah Paa-Willie from Ghana

They are.100% genuine after my encounter with them today. Though my missiin wasnt accomplished they immediately refund my 225cedis. i look forward to transact other business with you guys in future.
posted on 2015-08-05

by prince victor from Ghana

Why is the buying price of some of points/units e.g perfect money still high even upon the reduction of the dollar?
posted on 2015-07-30

by JJ from Ghana

Zenith, really fantastic, keep it up.
posted on 2015-07-18

by Adams Rashid from wa ghana

There was a slight mix up from my side which delayed my delivery a bit but i must confess that, the man i spoke to is a very patient man with very good listening ears. he had time and sorted me out so easily. Thank you sir.
posted on 2015-07-17


I love ur site, Keep it up one love .
posted on 2015-07-12

by Lurd Azeez from Ghana

Very good service. Keep it up
posted on 2015-07-08

by Eric Frimpong from Ghana

Very good service and very fast, great alert system. I am happy and i will use zenithincome forever!!! thank you again
posted on 2015-07-07

by Ada Aliliokwu from Surulere, Lagos

I must say this is one of the best exchangers in the world. I have been here since 2013 and their service has been flawless and professionally satisfying. Thanks guys...keep up the good work!
posted on 2015-07-07

by Kenneth Odim from Kumasi, Ghana

posted on 2015-07-07


They really do great work. Payments are always made but that have to add the transaction id to the emails that are sent because getting it from the whatsapp line is really very difficult
posted on 2015-07-02

by Abdul Nasir from Ghana

their services are really fast and i must confess their customer services is the best so far. not sending payment and still waiting online to chat with someone before they processes your order but just a single text and all is done. bigupz to you people
posted on 2015-07-01

by Jason Freeman from Ghana

Guys am surprise with how fast the services of Zenithincome is. I have tried it and i can assure u all is the best that u can find. Bigups to Zenithincome and keep it up.
posted on 2015-06-26

by Eric Frimpong from Sunyani, Ghana

No kidding but your service is Really fast and safe.. which this continues... Africa Rising. God bless
posted on 2015-06-23

by bongoz from Ghana

I appreciate your service, very nice.
posted on 2015-06-21

by Adeshina from Ghana

I think this is the best exchanger in Africa, with their cross boundary services it has proved to be the best. I used them when in Ghana and also here now in Nigeria and they have proved to be the best.
posted on 2015-06-20

by Chinyere Nganga from Nigeria

The Service is Fast and deligent. Thumb Up.
posted on 2015-06-19

by Kwadwo Afram from Ghana

Business minded people and good customer care services. Fast transaction. I recommend zennithincome exchanger all.
posted on 2015-06-19

by James Junior Dery from Ghana

swift, perfect trusted company, I will use the services all the time
posted on 2015-06-19

by peter poku from Ghana

waooo fast and the best. i love it
posted on 2015-06-17

by tetteh frank joseph from ghana

I had mail that my requested pay pal payment has been, and requested for prove of payment since the recipient requested for it I have send mails and no responds, waiting for positive responds then I will highly recomend to my many friends
posted on 2015-06-17

by peter poku from Ghana

posted on 2015-06-17


Zenithincome remains the most outstanding ecurrency website in Ghana, the admins are great business minded people with lots of ewallets in their offer.
posted on 2015-06-14

by Salisu Ibrahim from Ghana

I have been working with zenith income for quite some time and I keep on saying it is the best exchanger in Africa and I know it will forever be. #instant funding# instant withdrawals# Be a zenith incomer or get duped##
posted on 2015-06-09

by wynance from Ghana

Your services is awesome, fast it delivery although i only sell currency to your guys and your rate are ok with me. You guys should keep up with the good work
posted on 2015-06-09

by Charles Ejeko from Nigeria

Your services is awesome, fast it delivery although i only sell currency to your guys and your rate are ok with me. You guys should keep up with the good work
posted on 2015-06-09

by Charles Ejeko from Nigeria

Am surprise we have a very reliable exchanger like zenith here in Africa, even when one does mistakes he seems to be the one calling to correct me. Can't use any other exchanger other than zenith
posted on 2015-06-07

by Daniel Harrison from Nigeria

Very quick processing and definitely not a scam folks...Keep the good work up!!!
posted on 2015-06-06

by Norris from Ghana

I did a 25USD withdrawal just to test the trustworthiness of Zenith income and in about 3mins I got my payout. And then went ahead to do my main withdrawal and I got the funds just like the first time. Indeed Zenith is just too great.
posted on 2015-06-06

by Mawulom King from Ghana

Got it like breeze, zenithincome is the sharpest exchanger in Africa. I love my Africa guys doing good stuffs. thumb up..
posted on 2015-06-01

by Chris Rug from South Africa

The best site ever. Very supportive and love your service. Thanks so much
posted on 2015-05-29

by Philip Asare from Ghana

posted on 2015-05-29

by dahamani christopher from GHANA

Zenithincome is the best exchanger in Ghana without any doubt. He has proved to be and has stand the test of time. Providing almost all ewallets exchange that you can imagine at a reasonable price
posted on 2015-05-28

by Hope Okyn from Kumasi Ghana

wonderful swiftness with bitcoin for the first time.
posted on 2015-05-25

by dahamani christopher from GHANA

I can't overemphasize how useful your service has been to me. I don't know what i would have done without you. Paypal refuses to add Ghana to their list and you came right on time to help me out. I just made my payment in Paypal today. No worries.
posted on 2015-05-22

by Victor Y. from Ghana

Safety and guarantee !!! This electronic transfer is awesome
posted on 2015-05-21

by James from Ghana

The best electronic money ex-changer in west Africa. fast and reliable. Good communication service no size
posted on 2015-05-21

by ebenezer from Ghana

I have just done an exchange from MTN mobile to Solid Trust and had my transaction completed within 3 minutes. This is truly an awesome company, super fast.
posted on 2015-05-19

by Kenneth Okyn from Accra, Ghana

Thank you very much for your service. Hope to continue doing business with you.
posted on 2015-05-19

by simpleman from Ghana

Am just @ the quickest time within which I was sorted out. Big ups zenithincome.
posted on 2015-05-13

by Emmanuel from Ghana

Thanks zenithincome, your the best exchanger ever. I have received a refund after my account to which I exchanged having some problem to receive money. I will continue doing business with you. Always recommend zenithincome.
posted on 2014-08-27

by Mathew from Abijan

At first, I was skeptical about selling my perfectmoney to zenithincome due to my experience with some other exchangers. But the service I got out of the risk I took is superb. I sold perfectmoney at 3:10pm on Wednesday and I got my payment in less than 30 minutes. Good job, I recommend this exchanger. Zenithincome is the best for sure!
posted on 2014-08-21

by Sammy from Wa, Ghana

Excellent Service. Used zenithincome for the first time and highly recommended! Never knew that something good like this could be from Africa. lol. Thank You very much! Love your services.
posted on 2014-08-19

by Emeka Jaja from Abobo, Ivory Coast.

The best exchanger i have met, it is wonderful. I paid for paypal and it was instant. Great job keep it up!
posted on 2014-08-19

by Amarachi Egbu from Aba, Nigeria

Hi, my name is Jose, Im from Togo, i think that zenithincome its best option i never had, the time that they process my payment was very fast, and the fees aren't so of the best exchangers nowdays, also the variety of the plataform of payment, so good!
posted on 2014-08-18

by Jose from Lome Togo

First transaction - very smooth. Done within a few hours. Thank you, by far the best exchange service I know.
posted on 2014-08-18

by Kentuky from Asylum Down

Great Services!!!
posted on 2014-08-12

by James from Boridi

I love! so reliable and fast. they also keep you inform via sms in respect of your country and distance and charges for sms. Thanks alot. I will recommend this company to all my friends, family and companies. thanks zenithincome
posted on 2014-08-08

by Kossivi Ulrich from Lome, Togo

Currently, service is the best I have experienced without any exaggeration. Initially. I thought it was a risk being a first timer but subsequent exchanges have left me so convinced beyond reasonable doubt that your service is absolutely the best. Please keep it up!
posted on 2014-08-08

by Madam Agness from Tema

I have previously used other exchangers, but I have never received such a quick service. My order was completed in about 45 minutes. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who needs to exchange to digital currencies. zenithincome.
posted on 2014-08-05

by Pastor John from Tema community 7

my first exchange here on your site was very good and I can trust your site. Good website and good services.
posted on 2014-08-05

by Maxwell Ogidi from Aba, Nigeria

Exchange From WU To PM was so fast and reliable thank you so much zenithincome team for this amazing site God bless and keep up the good work!!
posted on 2014-07-25

by Thompson Agalele from Kisumu, Kenya

I paid for PayPal through GTbank deposit it was very fast and simple. Thanks!
posted on 2014-07-24

by Akeem Olatunji from Obalende, Lagos, Nigeria

I love you guys. First message shocked me invalid Mobile money payment, Second message made me smile that my transaction is complete and money already deposited in my account. Keep it up, your fast in resolving problems. Always recommend ZENITHINCOME. THUMB UP GUYZ
posted on 2014-07-24

by Mathew Ngogi from Temale

Zenithincome, you are really doing great job. I love your services and I love your website functions absolutely wonderful. Keep it up.
posted on 2014-07-24

by Kenneth Awowo from Greater Accra

Wow. Just done my first egopay exchange and it was instant! Superb!
posted on 2014-01-30

by Mathew Dede from Tema

wow, wonderful exchange again, thanks Zenithincome
posted on 2014-01-30

by Molder from Accra

very good site..very trusted Admin.. my recommended site for any exchange.
posted on 2014-01-30

by Tayo from Kumasi

Excellent service. I'm very happy to recommend this service. This was my 1st order and won't hesitate to use this service again!
posted on 2013-12-05

by Edward Ayittey from Kumasi

Have done a couple of transactions. Absolutely genuine. Quick Service. I am a satisfied customer.
posted on 2013-12-05

by Babs from Accra

My Perfect Money order was successfully completed within few minutes . Excellent service. Keep it Admin
posted on 2013-12-03

by Mensah from Accra

Thanks for your great service when we needed it the most! This was exactly what we have been searching for!
posted on 2013-12-03

by Kendy Dada from Tema

My Perfect Money order was successfully completed within few minutes . Excellent service. Keep it Admin
posted on 2013-11-25

by Mensah Ajjah from Accra

Thanks for your great service when we needed it the most! This was exactly what we have been searching for!
posted on 2013-11-25

by Kendy Dada from Tema
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