Terms and Conditions

This Agreement sets out the terms of service by www.zenithincome.com (hereinafter - Service. Use of the Service is with absolute agreement with the terms of this User Agreement, and acceptance of all obligations under this Agreement. If you disagree with the terms of this Agreement or our policies to combat money laundering , the User is not entitled to the exchange transaction in the Service.

Parties to the agreement Parties to this agreement are the service - on the one hand and the user in the face of any acceding to this Agreement - on the other hand.

Terms used in this Agreement

User - any and every person who has agreed to the terms of service offerings, and acceded to this Agreement. Application - information given by the User electronically with the use of the Service, indicating its intent to use the services of the Service on the terms proposed by the Service, and set the application.

Provision of the Service
Service administration is not responsible and does not cover losses caused by incorrect use of the Service, as well as user error committed in completing the application form, which can lead to the transfer of funds to the details provided wrongly. Service administration is not responsible and does not cover losses resulting from exposure to force majeure, non-functioning or malfunctioning power supply, Internet service providers, networks or other systems, networks and services. Exchange operation is performed manually and is disposable transaction. Refund of the money transferred after the operation impossible.

Terms of exchange operations in the Service
Prohibited use of the Service for fraudulent and illegal transactions. Using the services of the Service, User agrees that any attempt to fraudulently exchange of capital will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Service Administration reserves the right to provide information on such transactions law enforcement and administration of payment systems on demand.

Administration Service has the right to refuse service to any customer without explanation. Service Administration reserves the right at its discretion ask the User to copy the document proving his identity, produced for additional verification operations. Service Administration reserves the right at its discretion ask the User screenshot copy of the User's account transfer history for additional testing of the operation that.

Information provided by users of the service
All information (including email address and account numbers) provided by the User in the course of the exchange transaction is confidential and is not disclosed to third parties, except in the following situations: upon request of law enforcement agencies by the courts of various instances; at the request of the administration of the payment systems.

Terms of Agreement
This Agreement shall be deemed to be concluded on the terms of the public offer, aktseptuemoy User during feeding them Applications, which is an integral part of this Agreement. Public offer of the Service recognizes the displayed information on the parameters and conditions of the Application. Acceptance of a public offer if performed by User Action Requests to complete the formation of confirming his intention to make a deal with the Service on the terms proposed by the Service immediately prior to completion of the formation of the Application. Date and time of acceptance of conditions and parameters are fixed by the Service Applications automatically upon completion of the Application.The agreement comes into effect from the date of receipt of the User's details Service titular characters in the amount prescribed parameters Applications User. Accounting operations with title characters made according to the rules, regulations and relevant format of electronic payment systems.

Force majeure
In the case of force majeure (force majeure), which make it impossible to execute the Service objectively obligations under this Agreement, the terms of obligations transferred to the validity of such circumstances. Any liability for delay in performance Service does not bear.

Procedure for adoption of claims and dispute resolution
Any claim under this Agreement may be taken by the Service in electronic form, by sending in fact claim to the contact details found on the corresponding page of the Service. Disputes arising parties to the Agreement shall be resolved through negotiations. If you are unable to resolve the dispute between a situation, it is considered in court according to the current legislation of the land on the location of the Service.

Form of Contract
The Parties recognize the Agreement in electronic form equivalent to the validity of a contract concluded in writing. Service administration reserves the right at any time to make changes and additions to this Agreement.
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