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Zenith Income Pay4Me is an online payment service for those that do not have access to personal credit/debit card or paypal but need to make some online purchase or payment. It is also available for those that have credit/debit cards that are not being accepted by some online merchants. We help you pay for those downloadable products like eBooks, software, video tutorials, school tuition fees, etc with our PayPal account, Credit / Debit card.

The service likewise provides solution for those that need to buy products, programs or pay for services with other online payment system like PayPal, Bitcoin, Payeer, AstroPay, Payza, ClickBank, 2Checkout, Digital Rivers, Worldpay 2Checkout, Plimus, e-Junkie, Warrior Forum, PayDotCom, Foreign Universities, etc. As you know, some of these online payment systems do not accept payment from some part of Africa mostly Ghana and Nigeria. Some merchants will not also accept Nigerian or Ghana issued credit/debit card and that is where ZenithIncome Pay4Me service comes in to help you out.

We have been assisting lots of our users to make payment online with credit/debit card and with other online payment systems that hardly permit other Nationalities like Nigerians and Ghanaians to use their service. It can sometimes be difficult to make payments to merchants who demand to be paid with PayPal, Ukash, International Credit/Debit Cards, etc. Our Pay4me service is here to make it possible for you to make such payments. All we ask is that you provide us with all the details we need to make the payment for you including login details (where applicable) and we will complete your payment for you irrespective of where the merchant is based within minutes.

How Does It Work?
You need a ZenithIncome account to be able to use ZenithIncome Pay4Me service. It is free to open ZenithIncome account. You will have to click on pay4me on the dropdown menu on the member's page, type the amount of what you are buy the click on the currency type you are paying with e.g. Ghana Cedis if you are paying from Ghana or Nigeria Naira if you are paying from Nigeria.

Pay4me Fees
We charge 5% per dollar when you ask us to send money through our Pay4me service. We charge this fee each time we process a payment and each time we process a payment on different websites. However, if all your payments were on the same website, we would process all in the same fee. So if you like, you could say Pay4me is per website.

Calculating Pay4me Value
You do not need to do any calculation in order to send money with our pay4me Service; just enter the $ value you need to send and our automatic system will will add any applicable fees before sending it off. Assume you wanted to send $50 to a merchant, you just need to enter 50 in the space for amount and the system will automatically calculate if for you.

Credit / Debit Card Pay4Me Service
We charge you 5% of any amount you want us to pay for you using our credit/debit card and please note that we do not pay for recurring service but rather a one time payment. We deliver within 24 – 48hrs after payment

NOTE: We do not refund after a successful payment or transfer. We believed you have cross-checked the product to buy or order to make before asking us to pay or transfer on your behalf. Prices above may change without prior notice. Ensure you contact us if you wish to make payment using Perfect Money or any other e-currency so that we can provide you with direction and details.

We have come to understand that most Africans who live in Africa are not allowed to have a PayPal though Nigeria and few other Africans countries has just been accepted but there are still africa countries like Ghana which are still not been considered and it becomes really difficult to buy and sell on eBay, Clickbank. ZenithIncome is all you need to pay for purchases on eBay. If you are paying for goods on eBay or Clickbank please use our Pay4me Service after you have won a bid or after you must have added your purchases to the eBay cart and then for Clickbank we only needs the products or programs link.

We encourage you to use our Clickbank store and any other online Marketplaces in Africa that will accept a mode of payment convenient to you. This is because eBay, clickbank will only accept PayPal. It is important to note also that ZenithIncome does not process eBay payments where the delivery address is in Africa. Instead we offer our UK/US office to collect items (ship4me) and then forward to any African address. While we understand that doing this will result in extra fees, we also think you must consider the importance of what you are buying and probably look within Africa to buy it. See our Ship4me Service for more details.

We do not compete on price, but our fees will always reflect the costs of providing Online Payment Services to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further details in respect of the fess we charge here at zenithincome -
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